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Two figures sitting in chairs. One depicts poor posture by sitting hunched over in chair while looking at mobile device. The other figure is sitting upright with a tall and lengthened back.

The Alexander Technique with Tami Bulmash

Based in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina, I am an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher who specializes in helping individuals reduce back and body pain and improve posture and performance.

The Alexander Technique is a clinically proven tool used to alleviate back pain and discomfort as well as improve posture. The technique helps individuals recognize undesired habits that cause body pain, and relearn how to use the body in a more efficient way which promotes ease and optimal functioning.

I provide a variety of services including private and group lessons, coaching for performers, webinars, and workshops. I also give presentations on body education to children and adults.

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Image of Alexander Technique teacher Tami Bulmash. She has dark curly hair and is wearing a blue dress and tan shoes.
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What Can the Alexander Technique Do for You?
  • Reduce Back and Body Pain

  • Alleviate Stress and Tension

  • Improve Posture and Performance

  • Provide Non-Invasive Relief

  • Add Balance and Ease to Activities

  • Increase Energy Levels and Mood

  • Promote Health and Well-being

More on the Benefits of the Alexander Technique

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Advice on Postural Health

Transforming Lives Through the Alexander Technique: An Interview with Tami Bulmash
Mystic Mag

"The Alexander Technique opened my eyes to how my thoughts and actions were related to the way I used my body, and that realization enabled me to change my habits for the better. It gave me tools to promote better health and functioning, and that's why I wanted to train to become a certified teacher and help others."

 The 6 Best Work from Home Tips
Well+Good Magazine

If you partake in under-the-covers Zoom calls, Tami Bulmash, a posture expert, says you need to set yourself up so that you don't wind up with aches and pains. "When you’re working from the bed, it doesn’t offer the same kind of support that a harder surface, like a wooden chair, would offer, so you sink into it. The further you sink into the softer surface, the less feedback you have about how you’re managing your body."

Your Thoughts Have the Power to Create or Eliminate Body Tension
Honey Colony

"While the mind and body have long been regarded and treated as separate entities, this distinction does little to promote holistic health. Understanding the direct relationship between thoughts and tension can illustrate how the mind and body either work dysfunctionally through separation or optimally as a unit. What’s more, viewing the body as a whole being — in thought and activity — can promote better habits that eliminate tension."

Popular Articles

These are some of my clients' favorite articles. For more info on how to reduce back pain and improve posture, check out my blog and our Body Wisdom publication.

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