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Free floating image of a circle depicting a head over two free floating arms. The words Body Wisdom are above the image


Health Matters with UI Media



Picture depicting a circle as a free floating head above two free floating arms with the words Body Wisdom above image.
Picture of surgeon at work. Image corresponds to article, "Musculoskeletal Disorders on the Rise in Healthcare"

Musculoskeletal Disorders on the Rise in Healthcare

A recent report suggests that one in two Americans suffer from some form of musculoskeletal disorder, costing approximately $213 billion a year in treatment, care, and lost wages. Most patients turn to healthcare providers with the expectation that their practitioners will resolve their issues, but few think of the toll patient care has on their own provider’s health...

Image of boy slouching while reading a book. He is sitting on a dock above the ocean.

When Was the Last Time You Noticed Your Child's Posture?

Take a moment to picture your child as you imagine them munching on their breakfast. Whatever that image looks like in your mind, try to think about what their back looks like while seated in their chair. Are they sitting tall or small...

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